Julian Michael Dye

 Julian Dye (1 year old) hangs out at the 10:30 service with his mom, Monique Agard, and grandmother, Sheila. Julian is joyful and (very!) mobile. Here Monique helps us get to know a bit about Julian and their family.

How did you come to be at Holy Trinity?  We happened upon Holy Trinity on one of our weekend drives.   Our first visit was uplifting, warm and so welcoming we knew HT was perfect for Julian Michael’s first sacrament and our family to call home.

Who is Jesus for you these days?  Jesus is our strength.   Whenever there’s a struggle, we know he’s there to guide us in the right direction through our prayers and faith in him.

What are your hopes for this baptism?  Our hope for this baptism is to bring Julian Michael closer to God, family and community and to guide him to be good in his heart and spirit now and each day as he grows.


Vivian Van Wyck Rinehart and Charles Gabriel Rinehart

Vivian (8 years old) and Charles Gabriel aka Huck (4 years old) are found right up front at the 10:30 service and in the thick of fun at Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Mom Lindsay and dad Derik share a little bit about these baptisms and Holy Trinity.

How did you come to Holy Trinity and this decision about baptism?  Lindsay was raised in the Episcopal church, and she wanted to belong to a church community again, and to share it with her family.

Who is Jesus for you these days?  Part teacher, part distant relative, part stranger, part trusted friend… it’s complicated.

What are your hopes for this baptism?  Our hope is that our children will feel protected, strengthened, and comforted by the knowledge of Christ’s love for them, always.