Ellen (or Mother Ellen, whichever you prefer) is Assistant Dean of Student Life and Spiritual Formation at the Candler School of Theology, where she works collaboratively with faculty, staff and student leaders to enrich student services, programs and activities at Candler, and where she also spends a lot of time listening deeply to the lives of students. On her best days she hopes that these different aspects of her work help to foster opportunities where spiritual and vocational formation—in their many and diverse varieties—will enhance students’ theological education and preparation for ministry and service.

Before going to seminary she was a high school teacher at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, where she taught English and service learning courses for seniors. Ellen also worked for a number of years at the Fund for Theological Education, which got her interested in young adults and vocation. When she is not at her day job at Candler, Ellen loves serving as an assisting priest at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Decatur, being quiet at the Green Bough House of Prayer, a retreat center in southern Georgia, or at home in Decatur with her husband and a rescued rat terrier named Hannah.