1. Who lives with you (persons)? Jeff Lee
  2. Who/what else lives with you (animals of infinite variety)? Cats Meow, Roach, Rufus, Puddin, and Siam
  3. How long have you lived at your current home? 9 years
  4. How far do you live from church? 2 miles
  5. How far do you commute to work & what work do you do? 20 miles, Education, Dean of Students
  6. What do you do that’s not work? Play piano; play flight simulator/study aviation; love my cats
  7. When did you join Holy Trinity? 2013
  8. What service do you attend most often (8:00 or 10:30)? Eight O’clocker!
  9. What are 3 spiritual practices that nourish and sustain your relationship with God? Attending church regularly, reflecting on my relationship with God and my existence with/for others.

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