Hi! I am Gerlyn Henry, youngest of two children to wonderful Indian
parents. I grew up in Canada, where the rest of my family still lives
but spent a number of years in India. I love traveling, am
passionate about justice work and play the drums!

Who is Jesus for you right now? I have a nickname for Jesusit’s
“Asami”. It’s from the days when I couldn’t pronounce “Yesu
Swami (God)” as a child. Growing up with a nickname for God
helped me encounter Jesus as a friend. As I grew older, I’m more
so understanding this friend as a passionate liberator who stands
for justice and loves all people!

What are your hopes for your time at Holy Trinity? I hope that
while I’m at Holy Trinity, I would grow in faith and public witness
while getting to know some stellar Episcopalians. I want a church I
can call home. As I soak up all the wisdom Holy Trinity has to offer,
I hope to be able to share all of my multi-cultural, musically inclined,
passionate self with you.

What do you do for fun? I watch a ton of Grey’s Anatomy, I play
the drums and I really really enjoy traveling.