Estelle Hinde, Clerk

  • How long have you lived at your current home? 43 Years.
  • How far do you live from church? 1 mile
  • How far do you commute to work & what work do you do? I’m a retired cartographer (GDOT) and I volunteer part-time at Holy Trinity.
  • What do you do that’s not work? Activities at Holy Trinity; visit various museums, gardens, etc. around town; occasional visits with friends (intown), & family outside of Georgia.
  • When did you join Holy Trinity? November 1953
  • What service do you attend most often? 10:30
  • What are 3 spiritual practices that nourish and sustain your relationship with God? Prayers before meals; a prayer anytime one is appropriate; regular church attendance; reading “Forward Day by Day” regularly and other pamphlets.
  • What were 3 reasons, at the time, you joined the church? Had been going to Epiphany for some years. When I got out of college, Mother and my brother had already transferred to HTP, so I did, too. Already knew a number of people here.
  • What are 3 reasons you are committed to stay active at Holy Trinity now? 1) It keeps me “grounded.” 2) I feel like I need the routine of regular church attendance. 3) Most of my friends now are here.