Holy Trinity Vestry Questionnaire

adapted from a document by the Rev. Paul Elliot

Your name: Berkeley Boone
Who lives with you? My wife, Nancy
Who/what else lives with you (animals of infinite variety)? Nancy and I are hibernating about 25 snakes for our older son, a DNR Environmentalist/Naturalist. Other than that, our previous (and many) pets have not been replaced.
How long have you lived at your current home? Twenty-eight years.
How far do you live from church? Eight and ½ miles.
How far do you commute to work & what work do you do? We are both retired. I enjoy my position as HTP’s Treasurer, am restoring a 49 year-old Honda motorcycle, enjoy handyman projects here and at others’ homes, have volunteered with several groups for construction projects and food service, and enjoy activities with our three adult kids and four granddaughters. I also enjoy trying to make the most of our investments for us and for interests that we support.
What do you do that’s not work? (See above!)
When did you join Holy Trinity? We first attended in July, 1973, and I became an Episcopalian in May, 1977.
What service do you attend most often (8:00 or 10:30)? 10:30
What are 3 spiritual practices that nourish and sustain your relationship with God? Daily devotions and prayer, weekly attendance at church and Sunday School, bi-weekly participation with the Brotherhood of St Andrew and monthly participation with a national group that is active in intercessory prayer.

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