Before coming to Candler, I studied and taught mathematics. My
wife Nicole and I are both from Kansas, but we are already loving
the hills of Atlanta, and we’re eager to discover the natural beauty of
Georgia for ourselves!

Who is Jesus for you right now? What are your hopes for your
time at Holy Trinity? Throughout this transitional moment in my
life, an image of Jesus as he promises to send the Holy Spirit has
stayed with me. Shaking up my own life top to bottom- saying
goodbye to one home and greeting a new one in what are certainly
unpredictable times- has only been possible with a feeling that the
Holy Spirit is moving with us all, and ultimately patterning our lives for the good. To that end, I have
been so grateful for the welcoming and hospitable spirit I have encountered at Holy Trinity parish, and
am looking forward to growing in prayer and service while a seminarian here.

What do you do for fun? The most fun day I can imagine would involve a combination of free
reading, vegetarian cooking, catching up with friends, and hiking or biking someplace worthwhile.