Working through Water, Life, Hope and Food for the Poor, Holy Trinity assists in clean water projects in rural and urban settings in Haiti, from artesian wells to filtration systems to long-distance pumps.

An Update from Water Life Hope on the Haiti Mission

May 23, 2017

Dear Parishioners at Holy Trinity:

It is high time we gave you an update on the activities of Water Life Hope (WLH). As you probably know, we are a 501(c)(3) corporation which believes and acts on the belief that the right to clean water is the most fundamental human right. Over a 12-year period of time, through the generosity of our donors, we have been able to fund over 330 artesian wells throughout Haiti, numerous reservoirs and gravity-driven projects. This all started at Holy Trinity.

I recently returned from Haiti with Ron Stein, a long-time parishioner who traveled with us this time. In the course of our trip, we were able to look at projects that are completed as well as projects that are underway. We traveled to Grand Boulage to inspect a completed water project, one in which WLH provided two reservoirs spread out over a substantial rural area, providing clean water to approximately 30,000 people as well as providing water for a medical clinic. The people of Grand Boulage were thrilled to see us and very grateful for changing the way they live. Before the reservoirs and kiosks were completed, they had to walk the better part of a mile down into a steep gulley where, with whatever buckets they could find, they scooped up contaminated water to take to their families. Their daily journey, hazardous in and of itself, and the contaminated water, are now things of the past.

We also went to the Bernard Mevs hospital in Port-au-Prince. This hospital was the key location for earthquake victims in 2012. The hospital set up an artificial limb section which has allowed many Haitians who lost limbs in the quake to continue on with their lives less impaired than they would have been otherwise. It also contains Newborn and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, where children who suffer from various diseases and injuries try to recover. Many of these children suffer from hydrocephalus, and receive surgery to alleviate them from that malady. At Bernard Mevs, we installed not only a well, but a 20,000-gallon reservoir, which provides 6,000 gallons of water daily to the hospital. This reservoir has made a difference between the hospital having intermittent and not necessarily clean water and having clean, continuous access to potable water.

We traveled south to the portion of Haiti which suffered the most damage when Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti in October 2016. Along the way, we visited two new artesian wells that were provided by donors at each location. We went on to Cavaillon at the western tip of the southern peninsula, where we visited with engineers and school children at Ecole Sainte Cecile de Pliche and discussed the reconstruction of a school that had been partially destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. Just up a hill from the school is a reservoir that is under construction and has been fully funded thanks to donations from people like you. The reservoir will serve 8,000 to 10,000 people.

The children at this school are delightful and inquisitive and need a place where they can learn. They put on their school uniforms and came out to see us in the pouring rain. I had a wonderful time talking with them in my broken French and their excellent Creole. The school will have access to the reservoir and in fact there will be a kiosk right at the school so that children can have access to clean water. The school will provide an education for about 300 children. Astonishingly, the price of reconstruction is comparatively small, $117,000.00. We have jump started that construction with $32,000.00 which has been raised in the last few weeks.

I ask you to prayerfully consider a donation to fund this project. You can do so by either writing a check to Water Life Hope, Inc., or contributing at our web site, Either way, your contribution is tax-deductible. More than that, it will make an enormous difference in the lives of the children in Cavaillon. My hope is that many of them will grow up to be productive citizens who will one day be able to transform the landscape of Haiti as a result of the education they receive at their school.

Thank you so much for your past and future support or Water Life Hope


Ministry Chair: Ed Buckley