Holy Trinity Parish Preschool believes that every child is an individual and learns accordingly… To take this into consideration, we have small class sizes (our largest class is 14 with 2 teachers). We also offer small groups to the children who come 5 days a week (Leap Frog—5 day 2 year olds; Busy Bees—5 day 3 year olds; Busy Bugs—5 day 4 year olds and Dragons—5 day 4-5 year olds).  Our primary focus for early education is play-based but we cover kindergarten readiness in our top 3 classes.

In preparing children for higher education, this year we will be offering small group sessions (3-4 children at a time) for all of our five day programs.  These small groups are offered as follows:

  • Exploratorium:  this program, in its third year, is available to both Dragon classes and our Busy Bugs.  It is a curriculum-based specialty that focuses on a variety of subjects including (but not limited to) science, math, fine and gross motor skills, manners and more,
  • The Bee Hive is offered to our Busy Bees, our five day 3 year olds.  Children explore spatial concepts through a variety of activities including creative dramatics, storytelling, singing and gross motor activities,
  • The Lily Pad is offered to the Leap Frogs, our five day 2 year olds.  It follows the curriculum designed for the Bee Hive.

“Thank you for allowing both Sydney and me to have you brighten our day most every morning!  For giving my daughter a beautiful beginning to her future we couldn’t have begun to compare!  For opening your heart to our family, Syd and I and each child & family you have yet to touch!”

-Love, Jackie & Sydney

Contact: Carrie Eingurt

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