Stewardship Pledge Campaign 2018

During lunch, a man entered and handed a small envelope to the rector saying, “What shall I do with this?” The envelope contained a set of earrings and a note saying, “Take these and have them appraised, and whatever that amount is, I will sell them and give the money to the missions.”

Reflections on Giving

October 1 Partakers of Heavenly Treasure
October 8 Living Within A Vision of God’s Justice
October 15 What Are You Going To Do With This?
October 22 A Leap Into The Abyss of God
October 28 A Different Sense of Prosperity
November 1 Exercising A Generous Power
November 12 Joining in God’s “ever rollingness”

As you consider your pledge, consider tithe - 10% of your gross income. Holy Trinity’s Budget Goal for 2018 is $665,500. If each parishioner increased their giving by 4% we’ll easily make that goal together. If you have questions about the annual pledge or Stewardship the Stewardship Committee is happy to help you. Feel free to contact , , or .