Planned Giving

Planned giving is for the wealthy of spirit. Throughout the years generous parishioners have shown their support by including Holy Trinity Parish in their estate plans. The community we enjoy today is created with the estate contributions of previous generations. There are many ways to include Holy Trinity in your plans, and a few ideas below are offered as inspiration for you to envision your own planned giving. The Rector and the Vestry encourage all members of the Parish to remember the Parish in their estate plans and through gifts. We believe that...

  • All amounts are generous

  • Planned giving is for the wealthy of spirit

If the idea of planned giving is calling to you we encourage you to meet with Father Greg or parishioner Bill Clark to discuss ideas.

Ideas for Gifts

It is possible to support Holy Trinity Parish through creative gifts:

  • Naming the contents of your checking or savings account at the time of your death
  • Naming Holy Trinity Parish as a 1% beneficiary in a retirement plan or insurance policy
  • Naming Holy Trinity Parish as the beneficiary in a retirement plan or insurance policy
  • Cashing in a policy and donating all or part of the cash value to Holy Trinity
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts


A Parishoner’s thoughts on Wills and Planned giving

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

All adults (18 +) should have a will and decide upon the legacy they leave for the people and institutions they love – if you don’t define your estate provisions, state law will do so and your family is left to make decisions that they may not want to make.

When I was 24 I learned about investing and financial planning. I thought I didn’t earn enough to have a will or that I owned anything beyond a few items that could be named as an “estate.” An estate was the Biltmore mansion, homes full of antique art and rugs, or being one of the generous supporters of Masterpiece and having your name read on TV each Sunday. What I have learned as an adult is that what may be small to me can be life changing to someone else. It’s not up to me to determine the value, but I do believe it’s up to me make the effort now for future parishioners to receive that gift. I have named Holy Trinity as one of the benefactors in my “estate.” It may not build a new building but it may help support a few parishioners for outreach or to replace a few shingles on the roof. I’m glad to do it.

- Anne M. Kelly

If you would like to make a provision in your will to leave a specific sum to the Church, the language of a bequest to Holy Trinity Church has read this way by some parishioners:

I give to Holy Trinity Parish in the state of Georgia, City of Decatur and County of DeKalb, for its corporate purposes, the sum of _______________ dollars.

If you decide to leave a percentage of your estate, your will could include the following language:

I give to Holy Trinity Parish in the state of Georgia, City of Decatur and County of DeKalb ______ % percent of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate.

These forms of bequest may be changed on consultation with the Rector to reflect other types of gifts. It is important to talk with your family and your financial adviser or attorney before making a decision about including a gift to to any institution in your will. Holy Trinity cannot render any type of legal or tax advice.