Each year Holy Trinity awards a scholarship from our Centennial Scholarship Trust established in 1992 to celebrate our 100th anniversary.  Maryann Younger comes from Hockessin, Delaware.  She began her Master of Divinity at United Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia and will complete her degree in New York City at the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church.  She is in the discernment process for ordination to the priesthood in the Diocese of Delaware.  2018’s award was $3,786.25.

Maryann’s first distinct sense of call to ordained ministry came during her time as founder and leader of an Episcopal preschool, and it was affirmed over the years.  Here’s some of what drew our nominating committee to Maryann:

“I’ve learned that the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth embody all that I need to love the world, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of all.  I’ve learned that the presence of the Holy Spirit makes me cry…. I’ve learned the the size of this call sometimes knocks the stuffing out of me.  I’ve learned when that happens I just have to pray and wait it out, trusting in God.”

“We live in a world that wants to dismantle all mystery and to rationalize away the divine.  I long to instill the senses of the Holy that I learned at my grandmother’s knee through routine displays of the admiration, dignity and respect due to the sacraments.”

“…Where are the those individuals who are disengaged from the church?  Individuals that are disenfranchised due to being hurt by or ignored by organized religion?  Individuals who, in my own experience, have then raised children who are now young adults that hold the church in contempt?  I feel a strong call to folks like this; to meeting them where they are right now, helping to heal any past hurts, and creating faith based communities where they can grown and form new relationships with God and the church.”

Maryann will be preaching at Holy Trinity on January 13th. Please join us in welcoming her back.

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