Russ Wallace has begun seeking donations for the annual Honduras Medicine Collection. The money raised will be used to purchase medication to aid people struggling with epilepsy. If you are interested or would like to help, donations may be made by check to Holy Trinity Parish with a notation indicating that it is for “Honduras Medicine.”

Why I collect money for medicine in Honduras.

For a number of years, I went on medical missions to Honduras. I worked in a number of clinics but always spent time at the clinic for Honduras Outreach. There, I saw many people with epileptic seizures or convulsions. Epilepsy is very common in Honduras due to a parasite found in pigs. These parasites invade humans as small larva, migrating to the brain. They then become calcified and cause seizures or convulsion. The frequency of seizures varies but are often several times a month or week. When I saw people with epilepsy, I started them on medication or modified their regular dose of medicine.

One of those affected is Anna. Anna is a widow with no family. She lives alone in one of the villages and makes a living by sewing by hand. When she has seizures, she is unable to work for a day after the seizure She told me that she was so happy the medicine controlled her seizures and did not interfere with her work. When I asked her when she had her last seizure, Anna said that it had been a month. I was surprised since she told me that the medicine controlled her seizures completely. I asked why she had seizures if the medicine worked.

She told me that the clinic often ran out of medication for seizure control. The clinic did not have enough money to supply all their needs. Acute infection, immunizations, prenatal care and acute problems took precedence over chronic conditions like epilepsy, hypertension, and arthritis. That’s when I began to buy medication to take to Honduras. However, I soon found that medicine purchased in Honduras was much cheaper than what I could buy it in Atlanta. As a result, I started sending money to the clinic rather than sending the medicine from Atlanta.

The monetary donations are only used for treatment of epilepsy. Since I cannot purchase all the medication myself, I began asking friends at HTP and elsewhere to donate for the treatment of epilepsy. Enough people have donated each year to buy the necessary medication for another year. No one has a seizure any longer because there is not enough medicine.

If you would like to help you may make donations by check to Holy Trinity Parish with the notation that it is for “Honduras Medicine”.

Thank you for your generosity.

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