August Discussions on Race

During August, we will be offering four sessions in Tisdale Hall, from 9:15-10:10 that look at issues of race and privilege. What keeps us trapped in prejudice? What keeps us from seeking and serving Christ in all persons? What keeps people from making Holy Trinity their spiritual home, and what can we do to change that?

Join parishioners Roger Carter and Alex Hall, and the clergy of Holy Trinity, to wade into these important but sometimes anxious waters of race and privilege.

Week One – August 2 – Personal Experience
In our first gathering, we’ll have small groups where individuals can tell their own experiences of race and racism. The goal here is to share experiences so that we can start to imagine living in the world through someone else’s eyes.

Week Two – August 9 – Experiences at Holy Trinity
In our second gathering, we’ll hear from a handful of people about their experiences at Holy Trinity with regard to race. Stories of holiness and kindness, or maybe stories of exclusion and stereotyping. If you have a story about life at Holy Trinity that wish to share, please contact Fr. Greg by August 9th.

Week 3 – August 16th – Learning exercises around white privilege
In our third gathering, we’ll focus especially on the kinds of privilege or advantage that some of us get based on the color of our skin, and the assumptions that people and cultures make around skin color.

Week 4 – August 23rd – Brainstorming for Concrete Recommendations to the Vestry
In our fourth gathering, we’ll reflect on what we’ve learned and try to come up with some concrete, specific recommendations to present to the vestry for consideration. Following this session, the ideas will be further honed and evaluated before going to the vestry.

Rebuild the Churches Fund
Additionally, we will be inviting anyone in the parish to contribute to a special offering to the Re-build the Churches fund, established to assist six black churches that recently were destroyed by fire. Those wishing to give can make out a check to Holy Trinity Parish with “Rebuild the Churches Fund” in the memo line.