Parish Work Day, Sunday, May 6 from noon til 4 p.m. This time, the focus is on cleaning and organizing the first floor storage rooms. 

Last summer, the newly-formed HTP Space Utilization Committee, as part of the building and grounds ministry, convened to consider the best use of Holy Trinity’s space.  They systematically inspected each room and closet on the campus.  They also sent and evaluated a survey to every program staff person, ministry, and outside group about which rooms they are using now and how well those rooms fit their needs.

De-cluttering and organizing HTP’s available storage areas is the committee’s first short-term goal.  All agree that this is the least expensive and most do-able of the identified tasks and one that will have the biggest immediate impact.  Many of the survey responses also indicated a need for more or better storage.

We can use volunteers who like to organize and clean and who are able to carry items as we relocate or dispose of them.  Please mark your calendar now and plan to come on one or more of these days:  Saturday morning, April 14, from 9:00 a.m. until noon; Sunday afternoon, May 6, from noon until 4:00 p.m.; and Sunday afternoon, August 5, from noon until 4:00 p.m.  More details about specific jobs will follow soon.

HTP Space Utilization Committee members:  Barbara Clark (Chair), Ellen Bishop, Nancy Boone, Sarah Christian.

Vestry person for Buildings & Grounds: 

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Located in the City of Decatur, Georgia, Holy Trinity Parish is part of the Episcopal Church, guided by its mission statement to Open hearts to God and open doors to community.

Holy Trinity Parish is part of 109 worshiping communities across middle and north Georgia, and part of a worldwide expression of Christianity known as the Anglican Communion. One of our hallmarks is that we find our unity in our common prayer and worship, not in our common thought or belief. When we gather to pray, we join in ancient practices designed to shape our lives to be more like Christ’s. We hear God’s word, pray for the world, confess our sins, receive forgiveness, be at peace with one another, and celebrate our unity with God and one another in Holy Communion.

If you are interested in visiting Holy Trinity or would like hear from a member of HTP’s clergy, contact us today.


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