The Great Vigil of Easter

This PDF document includes:

  • Bulletin
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Lectern Readings

Ministers of the Day

  • Celebrant: The Reverend Jenna Strizak
  • Preacher: The Reverend Ellen Echols Purdum
  • Assisting Priest: The Reverend Greg Tallant
  • Minister of Music: Vince Evans
  • Vergers: Scott Miller, Albert Nim-Dixon
  • Thurifer: Andy Blakemore
  • Acolytes: Madeline Belline, Carrie Crespino, Catherine Shanks, James Shanks
  • Kindlers of the New Flame: Charlie Booker, William Booker
  • Lectors:
    • First Lesson—Joe Crespino
    • Second Lesson—Julia Gable
    • Third Lesson—Joy McDougall
    • Fourth Lesson—Jack Boyan
    • Fifth Lesson—Anthony Grant
  • Epistoler: Jacob Arkin
  • Chalice Bearers: Jack Boyan, Mary Martha Clark, Belinda Watkins
  • Ushers: Berkeley Boone, Barbara Hardin

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