Is there a place for me here?

In a word, yes.

We at Holy Trinity Parish give thanks to God for the gift of spiritual maturity in our leadership. Spiritual maturity means we are able to focus on the work God gives us to do in the world. It means we are able to welcome new people, new experiences, and new challenges without fear or anxiety. It means we welcome diversity as a gift from God.

The Rev. Greg Tallant, Rector at Holy Trinity Parish Episcopal Church, Decatur, Georgia (Diocese of Atlanta)No, we haven’t yet embodied the fullness of God ‘s creation the way you ‘ll see it when you ride MARTA to the Decatur station and walk down Ponce to Holy Trinity, but we hope to one day. And you’ll find a richness here, with people trying to love God and one another all across the age and economic spectrums, and all across the political and cultural spectrums, too. You’ll find fourth generation Decaturites as well as people who have immigrated from South America, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia–even Canada!

You’ll find people who know the ancient rhythms of our worship by heart, people who are coming from other expressions of Christianity, and people who have little or no experience with Church.

Holy Trinity Parish is part of 109 worshiping communities across middle and north Georgia, and part of a worldwide expression of Christianity known as the Anglican Communion. One of our hallmarks is that we find our unity in our common prayer and worship, not in our common thought or belief. When we gather to pray, we join in ancient practices designed to shape our lives to be more like Christ’s. We hear God’s word, pray for the world, confess our sins, receive forgiveness, be at peace with one another, and celebrate our unity with God and one another in Holy Communion.

How you understand who Jesus is and what the Holy Spirit is in your life is up to you.

If all this interests you, join us some Sunday for an hour at 8:00 or an hour and a half at 10:30.
Come and see if you experience God among us.


Fr. Greg+

The community of Holy Trinity Parish Episcopal Church, Decatur, Georgia (Diocese of Atlanta)