Church organ, treble clef. Holy Trinity Parish Episcopal Church, Decatur, Diocese of Atlanta, Georgia

Meet Mr. Will Buthod

Dear Holy Trinity Parish Community,

Thank you to all who came for Vince Evans’ reception on May 20th, or who took a moment to thank him for his work and wish him well. It was yet another example of the wonderful health and caring nature that Holy Trinity lives out daily. As Bishop Curry reminded us at the royal wedding, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God.”

I am writing to you about the future. I am thrilled to announce that Mr. Will Buthod has accepted the position of Minister of Music at HTP and that he will begin on June 1st. The first two Sundays he will be in the pews getting to know us while he settles into his duties. His first Sunday leading music will be June 17th.

Will auditioned for this position earlier in the spring. Over 30 people attended the audition: choir members, music lovers from the congregation, vestry members, finance & personnel members, Natalie Twigg, and Mother Jenna. Will played on the organ and piano and taught all of us (choir and non-choir alike) a psalm in Anglican chant. Then he answered questions from the group about both his musical and spiritual life. Will came with a glowing recommendation from his former rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta and in our conversations and negotiations I found him to be a man of great integrity and kindness. I was especially excited by his comfort articulating his own faith journey and practices.

Will is a musician with the ability to play in many genres and on many instruments. His organ and piano playing are exemplary (I will not soon forget his accompaniment to St. Patrick’s Breastplate in the audition) but he will also bring to Holy Trinity the ability to create beautiful music in multiple styles when the moment calls for it. I hope you know by now both my and the parish’s deep love and commitment to Anglican hymnody and choral music, but I know that there is also a longing in our parish for other styles on occasion. One of the commitments I’ve made to myself is to create room for Will to experiment with us and find out where we need to keep our traditions rock solid and where we need to stretch and try new things. I think it will be an exciting time and we’re going to build in regular opportunities for us to get to know one another and talk about music.

The vestry has made a real commitment to Will and to the music program. He will be our first full-time music minister. Our hope is that being here full-time will not only allow him to give people currently in the ministry the musical and pastoral attention that they need, but also to expand the musical program as a whole. This is a stretch in our budget but we believe it is time to really invest in our music program, and we hope you will all help make that investment bear fruit.

I hope you will all come to worship and meet Will soon. A photo of Will is below with his wife Verena (some of you will remember Verena when she sang with us for a bit in the fall of 2016). I’ve included his professional biography below, and you can also check out his YouTube channel!