Featured: MLK Service Day. Holy Trinity Parish Episcopal Church, Decatur, Diocese of Atlanta, Georgia

During the MLK weekend, 65 representatives of Holy Trinity covered 87 volunteer shifts. Thank you to all, especially for showing up in such unpredictable weather. This was our ninth year to sponsor and successfully complete the assigned work on a house during Decatur’s annual weekend of service.

House Captains: Nancy Qarmout and Jason Hingerton

  • Charles Absher and Lindy Newman
  • Elena and Candace Allison
  • Clara Allison
  • Debra Aring
  • Ellen Bishop
  • Alana, William and Charlie Booker
  • Berkeley Boone
  • Jack Boyan
  • Gus Braithwaite
  • Persis, Akira and Ariel Bristol
  • Vanessa Burnett
  • Michelle Calio
  • Sam Crespino
  • Mary Alice Crowe-Taylor, Adelaide and Mirabel Taylor
  • Quinn and Maia Eastman
  • Kanessa Fain and Emerson Vandenberg 
  • J. Fletcher
  • Laura Lee and Liam Glass
  • Barbara Hardin
  • Jeff Jacobs
  • Josh and Reggie Jones
  • Lewis and Nelson Jones
  • Bill, Ben and William Kelly
  • Paul Lantinga
  • Phillip and Charley Langley
  • Chris Manzer
  • Dot Moye
  • Elena Munro
  • Erika Munn
  • Patsy and Al, Rosa and Leila Natanagara  
  • Leanne O’Rear
  • Paul Ozio
  • Julie and Will Pace
  • Jennifer and Del Price
  • Mary Schrope
  • Bruce Smith
  • Greg and Andrew Tallant
  • Lewis L. Thorpe
  • Sandy Tran
  • Raymond Walker and Infinit Brown
  • Tish Wallace

Daughters of the King prepared approximately 35 lunches