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Advent 2017

Dear People of Holy Trinity Parish,

I hope the season of Advent has found its way into your days and that you have made time in your busy schedules to be present to God. Advent has pressed on me in both gentle and hard ways this year, and if you are able to attend our Christmas Eve services (Sunday, December 24th at 4:30 and 8:30) you’ll likely hear more about that during my sermon.

Each year we invite you to make a special Christmas donation, usually for an outreach project.

In 2014 you gave $5,065 to start Path to Shine, an after-school program led by Lindy Newman and Charles Absher.

In 2015 you gave $9,765 to restart our refugee ministry, which led to the Ghannoum family moving from Syria to Decatur and becoming part of our extended family.

In 2016 you gave $5,339 to Trinity Episcopal Church in Gatlinburg, Tennessee to help people affected by the fires that swept through that area.

This year I invite you to consider tackling a big project with me.

Ed Buckley has worshipped here for years with his wife Patty, and a dozen years ago he started an organization called Water Life Hopethat is changing the lives of thousands of people in Haiti. That organization has funded over 300 artesian wells, plus several reservoirs and clean water systems for medical clinics, villages, and hospitals.

Recently they went to Cavaillon, an area in Haiti that was ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. They funded a 25,000 gallon reservoir with 6 kiosks that will serve 10,000-12,000 people. One of the kiosks serves a school, Ecole Sainte Cecile de Pliche, that was partially destroyed by the hurricane. Ed and his group traveled out to the school in a driving rainstorm and were greeted by about 150 children in their uniforms.

The students implored Water Life Hope to rebuild their school and even though they have always focused on water projects, how could they say no? The school will cost $117,000 to rebuild and they have raised about $70,000 so far. I ask you to help us raise $10,000 to help rebuild this school. That’s only slightly more than we’ve raised for other projects. I think we can do it! Water Life Hope is a 501(c)3 corporation with no salaries or rent, and all their overhead is privately funded.

If you are able to give this year, I hope you will consider giving generously. You can give online right now by clicking below and following the steps for online giving. If you would like to write a check, make it out to Holy Trinity Parish and put Haiti School Fund in the memo line. You can mail it back in the enclosed envelope or drop it in the offering plate at church.

I hope to see you all at Christmas Eve services or Christmas morning (10:30am). If you are unable to come and would like communion and a visit from me or Mother Jenna, please call the church.”

Advent Blessings,

Fr. Greg