Please continue to help patients with epilepsy in Honduras.

From Russ Wallace:

People ask me when they can send donations to buy medicine for Honduras.

The answer is any time–and a good time is now. I usually put this notice in the bulletin asking for donations after our mission team returns from the mission trip to Honduras or Nicaragua. Although a team did not go this year, there is interest for a trip this coming year.

As many of you know, I went to Honduras for many years and worked in medical clinics and hospitals in remote areas of Honduras.

I spent more time in the first clinic sponsored by HOI. The people living there are poor and most are unemployed because of a lack of jobs. I attended the clinic for 16 years and found that the reason that patients with epilepsy continued to have seizures was the lack of medication. It was not that the clinic did not provide the medicine for epilepsy, it was because there was not enough money to buy enough medications for everyone in need.

So much of the medicine at the clinic was needed for treatment of acute and severe illness that there was not enough money to provide for all the medicine needed to treat epilepsy. Although the medicines were not extremity expensive, most of the families could not afford to buy the medicine and food for the family. This was a difficult choice. They bought food.

For many years members of Holy Trinity have donated enough money each year so that the clinic no longer runs out of the medicine. The people no longer have seizures due to lack of medicine.

If you would like to contribute any amount, it will be appreciated. A check may be made out to Holy Trinity with notation for “Medicine for Honduras.” It may be placed in the collection plate, mailed to the office, or given to me. All the money will be used for epilepsy medicine for the clinic.

Thank you for preventing seizure or convulsion for our friends in Honduras.

Russ Wallace