Every year at this time, I ask members of Holy Trinity to consider a donation to purchase anticonvulsant medication for the treatment of epilepsy in the clinic at Rancho de Paraiso in Honduras. In the first of the 16 years I worked at the clinic during annual visits, I saw how underemployment among the people and lack of funding for the clinic resulted in too many epilepsy patients suffering seizures that could have been prevented with medication. For several years, Holy Trinity parishioners have donated enough money so that no clinic patient has had a seizure because of lack of medication. Your continued generosity will insure an adequate supply.

Make your check out to Holy Trinity with “Medicine for Honduras” in the memo field. Place it in the collection plate, mail it to the church office, or hand it to me in person. Thank you for your continued support.

Russ Wallace
Parishioner, Holy Trinity Parish