From Alex Hall:

Holy Trinity Parish’s next Church of the Common Ground visit is Sunday May 24, when we will worship with and get to know Common Ground congregants. Our carpool departs Holy Trinity right after the 10:30 service, arriving at Woodruff around 12:45, with the service starting at 1:00. The service is an hour, and we stay a bit to talk, heading out around 1:20.

This is a ministry of presence. There’s nothing to ‘do,’ so to speak, except be on hand and to try to see Christ in others (for me this means seeing a person–all of us–as created in the likeness of Christ), which makes a big difference for all involved.

We bring bag lunches, so, even if you can’t make it, your help with the lunches would be appreciated. If you can come along, help with lunches or just want to know more about the Church of the Common Ground and Holy Trinity’s ministry there, please contact me via email using the form below.

More information on Church of the Common Ground on the official Web site.

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