A message from Georgia Interfaith Power and Light (GIPL)

“We belong to God,
We belong to each other,
We belong to the Earth.”

A special video message
from GIPL founders
Woody & Carol Bartlett. 

Dear GIPL Friend,

April 22 has come and gone, but Earth Day continues on for us at GIPL. This time of year is very affirming for us. The calendar becomes full with opportunities to share our mission for faithful Earth care in Georgia. We are honored that people of faith seek us out for meaningful Earth Day resources and inspiring program that further engages their congregations in environmental stewardship.

This Earth Day we give thanks for a particular opportunity that only recently presented itself when the Georgia Legislature got serious about the Solar Freedom Bill (HB 57). With the help of this bill as well as a matching grant, GIPL is ready to expand its solar advocacy work and program resources.

And, we need YOU to make this a reality. By becoming a Guardian member of GIPL thisEarth Day, you lay the foundation needed to expand solar across Georgia for faith communities and beyond.  Guardians are GIPL friends who donate $45 or more and renew their membership every Earth Day. 

So we invite you to keep on celebrating 45 years of Earth Day and become a Guardian of the Earth through GIPL.  Give today!

In gratitude for the Earth & You,

Rev. Kate McGregor Mosley
Executive Director