The 2015 Martin Luther King Jr. Service Weekend project brought out 40 volunteers from Holy Trinity Parish to assist one of our Oakhurst neighbors with repairs and safety improvements to her home. Thanks for the many hours donated to this local project that is so important in our Outreach programs.

Charles Absher
Patrice Alleyne
Deborah Aring
Hope Baker
Jordan Baxter
Michael Baxter
Steve Bishop
Alana Booker
Charlie Booker
William Booker
Berkeley Boone
Virginia Bouldin
Jim Brewer
Keisha Carter
Roger Carter
William Carter
Barbara Clark
Bill Clark
Mary Martha Clark
Steve Clark
Quinn Eastman
RJ Fletcher
sarah Hertlein
Jeff Jacobs
Grant Knox
Ann Lanner
Ashley Lytle
Mary Ellen Moore
Dot Moye
Lindy Newman
Albert Nim-Dixon
Charles O’Rear
Conley O’Rear
Charlotte Pfieffer
Pete Pfeiffer
Nancy Qarmout
Greg Tallant
Lewis Tharp
Sara Yurman
Steve Yurman

Daughters of the King, coordinated by Tish Wallace, provided lunches.